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Nektar 1974

Nektar 1974/75

Past line ups of Nektar have included the following members all of whom are still deeply loved and appreciated:

Derek Mo Moore - Bass & Vocals
Alan Taff Freeman - Keyboards

Randy Dembo - Bass & Vocals
Thomas Hughes - Hammond & Keyboards

Dave Nelson - Guitars & Vocals

Carmine Rojas - Bass & Vocals
Dave Prater - Drums

Nektar 1981

Nektar 1981
Peter Pichl
Peter started listening passionately to music around the age of 12 with bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep and Pink Floyd.

At age 15, there arrived other bands and their albums like Santana, Jimi Hendrix, CSN&Y and of course ... Nektar.
Then his interests became more and more extended to some jazzy stuff like Softmachine, Return to Forever, Weather Report, John McLaughlin and a lot of artists from the ECM label like Eberhard Weber, Pat Metheny, Terje Rypdal, Ralph Towner, Jan Garbarek.
Joni Mitchel also became an important part of Peter's life, not least because of the genious bass playing of Jaco Pastorius.

The artists mentioned here are more or less the music that He is still listening to and enjoying.
At 18 he had his first real concert engagements with a band called “Eisland” who were a mixture of Gentle Giant and Supertramp, and at age 21, Pete then decided to turn pro.
Since then he has played and recorded with so many different artists, he says "it’s hard to remember them all", however, he couldn’t think of anything else he would rather do with his life than play music.
Peter is playing or recording on a regular basis with the likes of Running Wild, Uli Jon Roth, Heinz Rudolf Kunze, Yargos, Jutta Weinhold, Steinwolke, Hannes Bauer, and of course Nektar.

Peter's playing can be heard on many CD’s (around 25 to date) and hopefully many more to come.

He has always been a lover of the Fender Jazz bass and at the moment he plays a custom built 5 string by Ralph Boerjes, this is his main instrument, although he does sometimes use an Ibanez fretless 5 string.

Peter also loves the stand bass, and has been known to play this on occasion.

He is not so fussy about his amplification for the bass, as long as he has his trusty Hartke 4x10 cabinet, this projects the sound he likes and adds to his playing style.
Derek Mo Moore
Bass - Vocals (1969-1978/2002-3)
Derek Mo Moore followed a similar musical career as Ron Howden in as much as they worked together in many bands as well being part of the pre NEKTAR band Prophecy.

Derek was one of the co-founders of the original line-up. His bass playing style was unique and the sound was unmistakable.

After leaving the band in 1978 he returned for the reunion concert at Trenton New Jersey in 2002.

Derek took part in chosing his own replacement in the band "Randy Dembo", a long time fan and player in the same style as Derek.
Carmine Rojas
Bass - Vocals (1980 - 1982, 2006)
Carmine Rojas turned up at auditions for Nektar in NYC, having previously played in a band called "Baby Grand" from Philadelphia.

Needless to say he was chosen there and then.

Carmine as one of those great guys who could play and do anything.

When Alan left the band before the completion of "Man in the Moon" it was Carmine who completed the keyboard parts for the album.

His skill did not go un-noitced and he went on to play bass for David Bowie and eventually ended up as musical director for Rod Stewart.

Carmine turned up at the bands 2004 show in London and now works extensively on uctting edge projects most recently on the Joe Bonamassa new CD You and Me which went straight to No.1 in the Billboard Blues charts.
Tom Hughes
Tom Hughes
Hammond - Keyboards - Vocals (2004-6)
Born in Dorset and having taught himself to play by ear on his mother's piano from the age of four, Tom has been playing for twenty three years.
He has been gigging with various bands local and not so local for the last fourteen years and the Hammond organ is his main instrument. He also plays accordion, piano, guitar and sings.

Tom is a founder member of original band, The Lucky Bishops who started in 1994. The 'Bishops have had two albums released with The Bevis Frond's label, Woronzow records (Rubric records in the U.S.) both of which received excellent reviews. The band is currently finishing a third album to be released with Australian label, Camera Obscura. They play their own unique brand of short psych pop songs penned by all four band members with four part vocal harmonies galore. Although more of a recording band than a live act, the group have, over the years played many gigs and festivals notably several Terrastock festivals in London and Boston as well as the SXSW festival in Austin, TX, gigs in New Yorks -CBGBs and The Knitting Factory, as well as a short tour of Germany which included The Swamp Room Happening festival in Hanover. They also recently made a rare appearance at the Felipop festival in La Corruna, Spain.

Tom is also a member of Dorset group, Gothic Chicken. -"Hot psychedelic played by cold professionals. They play lots of obscure and not so obscure songs by the likes of The Association, Blossom Toes, Soft Machine, The Zombies etc.
In 2003, Tom joined Phil Guy's band (Brother of blues legend, Buddy) for a tour down the East coast of Spain playing Hammond, Fender Rhodes and piano.

As one of Dorset's only Hammond organists, Tom is much in demand as a session musician and has appeared on countless recordings by other bands.

In 2004, Tom joined the Nektar family and his style, musical ability and outstanding ideas added a new dimension to the Nektar sound. Tom decided he was unable to commit to the extensive plans for Nektar in 2006/2007 but he remains a friend of the band and a family member.

Alan Taff Freeman
Keyboards - Vocals (1969-2004)

Alan James Freeman
played in several bands prior to Nektar however it was not until meeting with Derek and Ron that the three were to form the band "Prophecy" that was the fore-runner to Nektar.

Alan's keyboard style was a great asset to the Nektar sound as can be heard on several of the early albums.

Alan has always been an integral lynch-pin in NEKTAR. He was part of the band not only as an original member but also on line up reformations such as on Man in the Moon [1980] and Roye turned to Alan at the time of Prodigal Son [2001] as well as for Evolution [2004].

Alan's decision to leave the band shortly before the USA tour in September 2004 to concentrate on other things, was not an easy one. He is still dearly loved.
Dave Prater
Drums - Vocals (1980 - 1982)
David Prater like Carmine Rojas turned up at auditions in New York City. Dave had also been part of the rhythm section of Philadelphia band "Baby Grand" and really Carmine and Dave came as a ready made package. Dave was a superb drummer.

After leaving Nektar he went on to produce the first Dreamtheater album.
Randy Dembo
Bass - Bass Pedals - Vocals (2003-6)
Born in Dayton Ohio Randy has been playing the bass guitar for over 30 years. Both his parents were involved in musical theater at a young age, so music was always playing in the house when he was growing up. He would get taken to Broadway shows almost 3 or 4 times a year, so the magic of live performance was instilled at an early age.

In high school Randy was always playing in bands, doing cover songs of the day, and after school he kept his music dreams alive by forming the first Genesis tribute band, Nursery Cryme.

Randy stayed in Nursery Cryme for 5 years before getting back to his roots and joining the funk and soul band Z. & the G.T's. Four Years after that he formed a band called Dr. Feelgood (the US version) with members of Z & the GT's. This was an all-original band with heavy influences from funk, soul, Aretha Franklin, and the progressive world, which made for an interesting mix and sound.
Randy Dembo
For the last 5 years Randy has been playing with Bums in The Park a well know NJ based band that has played everywhere from backyard parties to the Beacon theater in NY city.

In 2003, the call was made for Randy to audition for his favourite band of all Nektar and as grueling as it was, he made the grade, and has been with the band ever since.

From a tour in the spring of 2004 in Germany, to recording their new cd “Evolution”, to the touring of the USA in Sept. 2004, UK – Europe & South America in 2005, playing bass for Nektar was a dream come true! Recreating the blissful bass lines and incorporating the Moog Taurus bass pedals, and adding his own flavour was music heaven for Randy.

Dave Nelson

Guitars - Vocals (1977 - 1978)
Dave not only played but contributed musically to the Magic is a Child album.

It was all over in the blink of an eye with Dave leaving at the same time as Mick Brockett and Roye returning in early 1978.

Nektar were pleased to see Dave attend the Morristown show on the 3rd March 2006. Thanks for your support Dave.
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