We’ve HEARD from our Nektarines from around the world and we are LISTENING!!

As many of you already know, we recently lost our beloved family friend and drummer, Ron Howden. We thank all of you for reaching out to us whether it was in person, texts, emails or posts. It’s all been very heartwarming.

What you may not know is that Nektar was writing new music for over 3 years and preparing to make the new album as we promised you. Days before Ron’s passing, he was jamming with all of us at Ryche’s house on the new music and we were all very happy with the results. Therefore, we have decided to push forward with this new album after listening to you, the fans, sharing with us how much you would like us to do that.

Now – here is where you can help us. We need to complete the new album and could use your support. We are trying to raise money to help us with recording, production and touring costs which have become very expensive. We would certainly appreciate any amount that you can donate to this wonderful project.

We’ve Started A Go Fund Me. If You Can, Please Contribute!

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