Journey To The Centre Of The Eye (1971)

LP Bellaphon / Bacilus Records - BLPS19064 (1971, Germany)
Producer: A NEKTAR Composition
Number of discs: 1

“Their first album is a incredible piece of spacey–progressive with great space–sound on both guitar and organ. The album has a concept, and all the songs floats into each other. There’s not much meaning in pointing out highlights, cause this is one of those albums that works best in its entirety. Listen to it from start to end, and you’ll surely get a very enjoyable journey to the centre of the eye! Especially side one has some awesome instrumental parts, that will appeal to any fan of space–progressive. Side two is also great, with some great Mellotrons on “Burn out my eyes”.  A great debut from a great band,” Tommy Shoenbergs.


Prelude: An introduction

Astronaunts Nightmare: A rocket leaves Earth on a course for Saturn, at a time when Earth is on the verge of a nuclear World war.

Countenance: The rocket is intercepted by a Saucer of unknown origin. The astronaunt joins it and learns that the Saucer had been observing Earth for many years and was surprised at our warlike ways. The strangers offer to show the Astronaunt life in their Galaxy. The Astronaunt agrees and they leave together.

The Nine Lifeless Daughters Of The Sun: The interstellar ship thrusts away from the sun and our solar system into the void and de–materializes into Hyperspace.

Warp Oversight: Once in a state of no time – no space, the ship is subject to a strange journey and then suddenly re–materializes in another Galaxy.

The Dream Nebula: The new Galaxy is so serene and beautiful. The atmosphere creates incredible dreams in his mind, and gives him great knowledge.

It’s All In the Mind: The new insight expands more than he can bear and he breaks mentally wanting to see no more.

Burn Out My Eyes: His wish is granted, he sees only with his mind, he struggles with his senses trying to regain control of himself.

Void Of Vision: Now traveling at great speed down a long beautiful valley, he realizes that there is more to life than he had ever thought. Suddenly he sees a great shinning EYE suspended in space — “THE ALL SEEING EYE”!

Pupil Of The Eye: He enters the Eye to try and comprehend the universe inside himself. Suddenly he becomes the Eye and sees at once everything there is to see. It is so wonderful and at the same time so horrible, he is afraid. He realizes that everything he as seen, exists on Earth although he had not noticed before because of all the wars.

Look Inside Yourself: His mind cries out to anyone willing to listen that they should look for themselves and try to understand that Earth is heading for total destruction.

Death Of A Mind: As if in warning his mind drifts back to his departure and he visualizes the destruction of Earth!

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