New lower prices updated to our fine art prints!

We have found a new printer for the Classic Nektar albums cover fine art prints, and want to pass on the savings to you! Now the un framed prints are only $49.99 each!



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  • 49.99 $ for the print ?????? I can have vinyl lp for 29.99 ( including cover art )- please explain.

  • Allan McGregor on

    Gr8 to see you folks back.
    One this pesky virus is sent packing and you finish your American tour any chance you’ll head for uk including Scotland?

    And considering purchasing a couple of your cds and tee-shirts for my Bruv and I – any chance of getting some autographs??

    Best wishes and keep safe

    • we will try to get over there. right now we are fighting a german band with Klaus henatsch who stole our name and registered it. we have to get them in court before we can come to Europe. hope that is soon.
      we are not all together for autographs right now may later or if you can wait we will come to Scotland

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