The late great Roye Albrighton

Heralded as one of the best of all time, Nektar rocks on for you.
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  • Roye was the best I’ve ever heard. multi talented and lead singer. But it was the rest of the band too that were all exceptional. Derek Moore was/is awesome at bass, very special also, same for Ron Howden with the percussions/drums, just the best I’ve heard also, and then the other standout Taff Freeman and his magic Mellotron, just played the right keys. These guys were second to none. Such incredible coordination and precision to go along with the talent of all of them. And unjustly suppressed and kept from the top of their profession. They were composers and also the best at live concerts. Mustn’t leave out the light show man Mick Brockett of course. It took all four of them and some other great replacements like Dembo.

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