Say hello to some of the boys

L2R – John Buck Kerlin the owner of the studio where we rehearse (cheers John!). Ron Howden, Mick Brockett, Derek ‘Mo’ Moore, Leonardo Pavkovic (booking agent), Ryche Chlanda, Randy Dembo


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  • Brad Ashton-Haiste on

    It’s wonderful to see you all, and it would even be more wonderful if you’re able to tour Canada down the road. Nektar’s music has been a big part of my 64 years on earth. I salute you all.

  • I’ve been a fan of Nektar for many years. I’m looking forward to your new music! Great website guys!
    All the best!

  • Hello, boys!

  • Hello guys! Saw you at that NYC concert At the academy of music . You were awesome!

  • The new single 12″ LP on VINYL is : The Quintessence of Nektar Ecstasy! CAN’T wait for the full Vinyl LP!!!!
    BUY & SPIN on a great system & it’s JUST like live ;no CD BULL-CRAP!
    As always live is #1 sound wise! Vinyl is 2nd best to live . CD’s SUCK!
    F Z

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