Welcome to our new website!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our new website.
Still a work in progress we know but already we have some special things for you.
As we are now recording new music with old friends, it is only fitting that we share them with you.

At this juncture, all of us want to thank you very much for being here!
Most of you are long time fans and we have huge appreciation and admiration for your continued loyalty.
The reason we are reforming the band is mostly because of you.
Your loyalty deserves more than we can give and certainly way more than just silence!
So, here we are, writing new material, in the studio rehearsing, booking the road trips, planning parties to
Remember the Future with you, our dear friends.
Of course we are all saddened by the loss of some close companions;
our guitarist Roye Albrighton,
our Sound Man Vinny Schmid and
our European Tour Manager Michael Brenner.
They are the other reason that
NEKTAR is back!


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  • This is so exciting! I became a fan last year and was saddened to discover you were no longer active. You’ve got a lot of fans in Harrisonburg, Virginia and the surrounding area. Happy recording and touring!

    Ethan Morris

  • Great to have you all back!

  • Well done guys! Looks good!

  • Marvellous!!!

  • THANK YOU FOR continuing! “Remember The Future”- R.A
    Look forward to having More THAN A FEW-Chicago concerts!
    But; This is the Time Machine & need to keep it moving!


  • Kevin C Delahanty on

    This is terrific news. Lots of colleges around Boston so, rest assured, the word is out!

  • I only discovered you about a year ago and you’re one of my favorite bands. Can’t wait for the new album and tour.

  • Felicidades Nektar queremos mas !

  • Hey guys !! The new website is totally awesome everything looks great Brings back a lot of memories from those golden days Like Frank says Chicago’s ready and waiting for the return of Nektar! There’s a place called The Arcada Theater out in St. Charles, Il run by this guy Ron Onesti He books all the great bands we all loved and grew up with Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash, Savoy Brown, Martin Barre and so many others It would be a great place for you guys to play He loves the music and is a great promoter t may be worth checkin’ out JUst sayin ” So happy that you’re back Long Live Nektar !!

  • come to Toronto Ontario canada

  • Hi guys this is great news.
    Long time Nektar fan from the UK since the 70s.. Looking forward to new music.
    Wish you well for the future
    Keep the Nektar flame burning.

  • Thank you fellow Nektareens! It is evident we all “Remember The Future”
    Nektar is The most deserving band of our support!
    Just wish more fans could of helped out with funding ; 235 out of some 4000+ that are registered made it happen for the guy’s tho!

    They need word of mouth advertising and airtime play ; hopefully some can help with that aspect.
    Don’t forget to purchase your VINYL /CD’S/ And other goodies at their shows!

  • Correction
    Post should read Nektarines ,(auto correct strikes again)

  • Nektar were the first band I saw live. It was at North London Polytechnic in 1972 or ‘73. Fell in love with the band, fell in love with Progressive Rock. Saw you and Roye several times over the decades, so pleased you are back together and gigging. Can’t wait for the new album, hope you can get over to London again.

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